Alcohol And High Blood Pressure: Too Much Alcohol Will Mess With Your Blood Pressure

It’s very simple. If you abuse alcohol on a regular basis then your blood pressure will go up. The relationship between too much alcohol and high blood pressure is well established. Uncontrolled high blood pressure will kill you and you won’t notice it happening. That’s why it’s called ‘the silent killer’. How do I know? Because I abused alcohol for a long time and I let my blood pressure get out of control. I am very lucky to be alive. My main blood vessel blew as a result of the constant pressure and I am only here now as a result of expert emergency medical intervention. Most people aren’t so lucky.

Get The Facts

The fact is that there is a definite relationship between alcohol and high blood pressure. Think about it. If you constantly drink large amounts of alcohol then your liver and kidneys are working overtime to deal with the toxins you are putting in your body. This will cause your heart to work harder and your blood pressure to rise. If that’s not enough, if you smoke as well, you dramatically decrease your chances of surviving any operation you have to fix the problems caused by high blood pressure. Forgive me for being blunt,you need to get help! What is going to happen to your family when you die prematurely.

Yes alcohol and high blood pressure is of concern, but all is not doom and gloom. Research has shown that an occasional alcoholic drink will do no harm. In fact my very own doctor recommended that I consume a pint of a well known black Irish beer everyday to help me relax and to build up my blood iron levels after my lifesaving operation. It is well documented that the French have a lower level of heart disease presumably because they predominately drink red wine. Red wine contains procyanidins, polyphenols, antioxidants and flavonoids which some reports say are beneficial to the heart. Before you rush out and start drinking three bottles of red wine a day, see previous paragraph. Alcohol and high blood pressure are related. The occasional glass of red wine may be OK but overindulgence is not. Indeed there is nothing more pleasant than relaxing with an alcoholic drink at the end of a hard day. Just enjoy it and stop.

Alcohol and Medication

There are some medications that should not be taken in conjunction with alcohol. In fact some can be a toxic mix or alcohol can render some medications useless. Check with your medical practitioner.

If you feel that you can’t get through the night without a drink, then you have a problem. Either wean yourself of the dependancy or get help. There are many organisations available to help you Alcoholics Anonymous being the most famous one. Change your lifestyle to reduce your dependency.

The occasional alcoholic drink is usually OK but remember the well established link between alcohol and high blood pressure and take care.

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[…] If you are overweight then loose it. Obesity plays a major role in high blood pressure. The other two risk factors are excessive alcohol and smoking. If you want to reduce high blood pressure them reduce alcohol consumption to one or two drinks a day with at least on day alcohol free per week ann use whatever means you have to and stop smoking. Smoking will not only precipitate illnesses, including high blood pressure, but will make any medical operation you have to undergo as a result more difficult and hazardous. […]

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