Allegra And High Blood Pressure

images-1.jpegMaybe you have read precautions about Allegra and high blood pressure and you are wondering if it is safe to take Allegra. If you do have high blood pressure and Allegra has been prescribed to you, you should know that the side effects caused by Allegra include high blood pressure and other serious medical conditions that could affect you. You should find out about the safety of taking Allegra when high blood pressure and other conditions of the cardio vascular system do affect you.

Allegra The Allergy Medication

Allegra is prescribed for allergies because it can decongest a runny nose and it is described as an antihistamine that does not sedate the patient. Allegra D is prescribed to be taken by older children and adults who have seasonal allergies when just an antihistamine will not get rid of the symptoms.

Fexofanadine, which has the brand name of Allegra, is an oral antihistamine that acts to reduce the symptoms of allergic reactions. Allegra inhibits the generation of the histamine that is caused when someone prone to allergic reactions is too close to an irritation-causing object. This prescription drug is available to different age groups although it is should not be taken by women of childbearing ages until further studies have been done.

Effects On Cardio Vascular Systemimages-4.jpeg

The active ingredients in Allegra-D are fexofenadine and pseudoephegrine, which both show adverse effects in the cardio vascular system, which makes this brand of Allegra carry extra precautions to patients that have medical conditions including high blood pressure, high risk of ischemic strokes, diabetes mellitus, a hyperthyroid condition and other serious medical complications of their health.

Clinical trials for Allegra-D were conducted and among the many side effects reported for the medication, cardio vascular side effects were reported that included heart murmur, faster heart rhythm, abnormal heart rhythm, temporary loss of consciousness and causing blockage of the blood flow to the heart.

Read The Label

The labels on Allegra-D, both the 12 and 24 Hour version, give a caution about the side effects that can occur when taking these allergy medications. Among otherimages-2.jpeg side effects, higher blood pressure, faster heart rate and arrhythmia have been experienced and the consumer is also warned to tell their doctor about any serious medical conditions including high blood pressure if this medicine is being considered as a prescription.

You should consider your high blood pressure and Allegra’s effects on this and other cardio vascular medical conditions before you take this medication. Inform your doctor of any medications you are taking or of any medical conditions, that you have that may be affected by active ingredients in Allegra and Allegra-D.

It is obvious then that you should be aware of the level of your own blood pressure. Your health professional can of course take a reading for you. A much better plan is to have your own BP meter. These days you can buy an automatic device for not very much money. This way you can monitor your own health and nip any high blood pressure problems in the bud.



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