Arterial Hypertension

Cardiovascular disease is the prime cause for death in Spain. Arterial hypertension is the common cardiovascular disease. Nearly one quarter of adults as well as over half of the people over 60 experience arterial hypertension. This refers to the increase of the arterial blood pressure more than the universally recommended values. Though these recommended values are constantly being revised, the arterial hypertension surely affects many. A diagnosis of arterial hypertension is important as the arterial pressure differs a lot. The arterial hypertension involves cardiovascular risk factors such as researching on the causes of hypertension, evaluating the blood vessels damage as well as organs such as brain, kidney and heart. There are genetic analysis also for this damage.

Arterial hypertension influences several organs as well as systems. This indicates that the treatment and evaluation require unison efforts of specialist’s team of different fields so that they get a global overview of the actual situation of the patient. This study demands to be performed in unique specialized units that are well- equipped with technical means and are as well staffed by well-trained professionals. Hypertension causes a slow as well as progressive damage to the blood vessels in the entire body. There are chances of affecting vital organs such as brain, heart and kidney. It causes the heart to work harder while the arteries support a higher pressure causing hemorrhages, memory loss, thrombosis, paralysis and cognitive impairment.

The cardiovascular research is being done to improve the quality of life, to provide best solutions and to recover the lost time. Arterial hypertension is an ailment that you should be aware of it at the earliest so that if necessary, proper steps can be taken to control. It can be viewed and treated so that you are not killed as silent killer. The treatment that is recommended is to prevent this ailment from occurring. This is considered to be ideal treatment and so knowing the details and the risk factors associated with the lifestyle of the patient is vital. It is not a daunting task to control arterial blood pressure. It is essential to accomplish objectives of the treatment and the prevention programs. The arterial hypertension treatment aims in decreasing the blood pressure and also involves in periodic as well as long term monitoring other factors in this disease evolution. This is done to accomplish good efficacy. The arterial hypertension is treated only after appropriate as well as personalized evaluation. This can be controlled with appropriate measures on hygiene, diet, medications and exercise.


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