Hypertension Natural Therapy

Hypertension relates to high blood pressure and is known to cause primary or essential hypertension. Such types of high blood pressure is common and reacts in changing the lifestyle such as basically reducing weight, exercise, dietary changes as well as stress reduction. Hypertension natural therapy brings blood pressure into normal range. However, the lifestyle changes should be maintained constantly and any changes will make the hypertension return immediately. Secondary hypertension cause due to kidney disease or in the pregnancy stages and hence must be monitored by the physician. Hypertensive people can decrease their blood pressure simply through nutritional changes by increasing the vegetable and fruits quantity and decreasing cholesterol and fat. This reduces the blood pressure and also weight loss.

Hypertension natural therapy indicates eating unprocessed, fresh and unrefined foods. Including vegetables, fruits, onion, garlic, beans, soy, nuts, whole grains, seeds, cold water fish and olive oil is also mandatory. People reducing the intake of sodium salt also can reduce the blood pressure to a great extent. This works better when accompanied by potassium increase intake. This involves not eating processed foods as the sodium content is high. Avoiding sugar, salt, dairy products, fried foods, refined foods, caffeine and junk foods is best. Using a challenge diet and eliminating food sensitivities is ideal. Drink maximum water daily.

Supplements provide great nutritional support. This is the recommended dosage and may or may not be suitable for everyone. Hence consulting your physician is essential. Herbal medicines have no side effects if it is taken appropriately in definite doses. Sometimes, it may cause stomach upset or headache. This also reflects the added ingredients in purity such as fillers and synthetic binders. Overdosing of any medication leads to serious illness and also to death. However, herbs are wonderful to treat hypertension, but if you take large doses you are sure to have side effects. Hypertension natural therapy is of immense use but should be taken with the consultation of your physician. Coleus forskohlii decreases blood pressure and the heart function improves, Hawthorne dilates coronary blood vessels and this reduces the blood pressure, Mistletoe gives tolerance and Rauwolfia is powerful and even a small dose accomplishes results. The common side effect is nasal congestion.

Appropriate homeopathic medicines help in moving the body as well as the mind towards healing activities. Any trained practitioner in homeopathy can easily identify and can suggest a deep constitutional remedy. Hypertension natural therapy is the best as it has all natural products with fewer side effects. Though, the process takes a longer time to cure, it cures from the root.


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