Pregnancy Induced Hypertension

High blood pressure can affect anyone and it is observed that an escalating number of people are frequently developing recently. High blood pressure is related to stress and lifestyle. The most significant thing regarding hypertension is it leads to various other grave health problems such as kidney or heart disease and vision problems. Women are susceptible to high blood pressure particularly during pregnancy and are also a dangerous time for them to develop it. However, this develops because of external stress as well as owing to the physical demands of child carrying. Pregnancy induced hypertension has to carefully monitored as nearly 5% of such cases develop Preeclampsia, a crucial condition. The more susceptible are pregnant women during their first pregnancy or women who become pregnant in their early forties or later thirties.

Stress has a significant part in high blood pressure and complicates more during pregnancy. Women feel guilty and stressed even if it is a wonderful experience. Stress is accepted especially during pregnancy. An expectant mother is expected to undergo severe stress and taking medication is viewed as the last resort. Exercise and yoga are something that takes a long time and though there are various forms of relaxation, the results are not long lasting. The suitable technique for stress reduction is that pregnant women should follow slow breathing. The rhythmic and slow breathing process is good as it soothes the mother as well as baby. This takes up only 15 minutes and is useful as slow breathing fits perfectly into the schedule of any expectant mother.

Pregnancy induced hypertension can be totally relaxed by stress reduction techniques such as listening to tapes that relax and meditate. Slow breathing helps as it opens the blood vessels owing to relaxing muscles. This is found to be effective as the effects are not temporary and clinically prove to decrease high blood pressure. Enjoying slow breathing with relaxed music has best therapeutic benefits for the child and mother. It has been proved that even an unborn child can hear as well as respond to music from the womb. Slow tempo music is very relaxing and helps in reducing blood pressure. Music alone exhibits temporary effects, but in combination with slow breathing this technique is very powerful. It alleviates stress and is 100% safe. Pregnancy induced hypertension should be handled with care as it is the most precious stage and is considered to be a re-birth of a mother.


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