Silent and Deadly: Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

Heart disease is the second leading cause of death worldwide and much of this is caused by high blood pressure or, as it also known as, hypertension.

Although there are quite a few things we can do to reduce the likelihood of developing symptoms of high blood pressure, there are other things that are out of our control. All of us when we’re born have a genetic pre-disposition to certain difficulties, including high blood pressure.
As we ripen with age, we can also improve, but sometimes the bodily functions begin to decline.

When the arteries begin to harden it makes the heart rate increase, causing the blood flow to increase as well and so the heart has to work harder for the body to receive the oxygen and nutrients it needs to survive.

Blurry vision or ‘floaters’ can also be a result of having hypertension.
Sporadic nosebleeds may seem to have no reason to occur if we don`t have allergies and have suffered no obvious injury to the nasal cavity.
All of these symptoms are vague in nature and none of these are necessarily indicative of high blood pressure, but could be.

Men are assumed to be the ones usually afflicted with high blood pressure, but that is not the necessarily the case.
In fact at least 50% of the people with high blood pressure are thought to be women. These numbers prove that women are becoming more suseptable to the disease than before.
Women might notice the initial warning signs while taking birth control medications or during pregnancy.

High blood pressure doesn’t have to have a complicated cause and can merely be hereditary. Some of the least pleasant high blood pressure symptoms include breathlessness while lying down, general shortness of breath and urinary dysfunction, which includes the presence of blood in the urine.

High blood pressure affects our hearts as well as other functions of our body which can end up being fatal in the long run. The arties will harden over time, causing the blood pressure to skyrocket and if this spiral is out of control, the kidneys will fail to produce urine and the brain will hemorrhage.

In the end no matter our gender, we are all susceptible to this condition.

Because there are no real symptoms apart from the vague ones outlined above, we feel fine and are likely to ignore the need to visit a doctor’s office when we should be doing the opposite. Staying on top of our well-being is the best way to avoid paying the highest price.
One way of doing this is to invest in a blood pressure monitor.

In the absence of symptoms of high blood pressure a BP monitor will keep you apprised of what it really is without having to go to the doctor, unless the reading is constantly high of course!

This is the monitor I use is anĀ  Omron HEM-790IT


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